SHUT is the abbreviation for Stop Human Trafficking, a campaign for all to take part as responsible citizens, with these 4 philosophies embedded as its motto:


We carry these 5 Eelements (5Es) in ensuring safety :

ENSURE you carry your own ID,

ENSURE you get your monthly salary,

ENSURE there is no mental and physical abuse, ENSURE your rights as a worker are preserved, and ENSURE you get your pay accordingly.


Humanity plays a big role in SHUT. We carry out the 3G elements :

GET Them Help (shelter homes),

GET Them To Build Their Lives (6-8 months of intensive training until they are ‘Fit To Work’), and GET Them To Live (get them jobs)


To understand about human trafficking are the 5S elements:

STOP Child Exploitation,

STOP Sexual Exploitation,

STOP Selling of Organs,

STOP Selling of Babies and STOP Forced Labor.


With the understanding of what human trafficking is all about, one can observe the 2Ds elements : Don’t SHUT your eyes, REPORT! and Don’t SHUT your ears, REPORT! to the authorities, just by calling 03-8000 8000 (from 9am-5pm) or call our Reporting Line No (anytime) at +6017 6467 643.