We are now at Phase 2, whereby we are currently carrying out programs to achieve our mission (the Human Trafficking Understanding). There are 3 Modules Outlined in this Phase. Those are:




SHUT-COMM means SHUT-COMMUNITY. Under the SHUT-COMM, we spread awareness and understanding of Human Trafficking towards the community through online and offline.

The Online is via digital method, such as the social media (Facebook, Instagram, SHUT Bytes Videos, and Film ‘Sindiket’) Whereas the Offline will be the on ground awareness programs, which we spread the awareness through flyers, talks, programs, events etc.




SHUT-UniBassador is meant for youth! We carry out modules for the youth to understand human trafficking and advocate to the nearest to you! (family and friends)

We do have openings for SHUT-UniBassador that we recruit to be the ambassador on human trafficking! Once you have gone through the program, you will have your very own unique Shut Unibassador Code, we call it the SUB Code!

Once you recruit, let them answer these 10 human trafficking related Questions→ embed Questions to link http://shut.org.my/shut-unibassador/ (make sure they know your code!)

Email us your details if you want to be part of us! at info@shut.org.my




SHUT-CORP is meant for corporates who feels the importance for knowing and being responsible enough not to involve into Trafficking In Persons Act 2007 especially on Forced Labour!

We do carry out module for corporates to understand Human Trafficking and the SHUT Compliance, those can be an add on value for your Investors Reporting!

If you wish to have us for you, email us at info@shut.org.my